Happy Independence Day Images, Images on Independence Day 2014:

First of all Happy Independence Day to everyone. India got Independence on 15th August 1947. The Gandhi ji played important role in giving Independence to India. The national congress declared India as a democratic nation on 26th January and from then India Became a Democratic country. Then after wards first elections for the Prime Minister were taken and Jawahar lal Nehru became the First Prime minster of the India.

The freedom fighter Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the First President of our country. This year it’s our 68th Independence Day. Our Prime minister will host the flag at Red Fort. Our Flag is a Tricolor Flag. It has Saffron color at the top white in the Middle and Green at the Bottom. In white color there is a wheel with 24 Spokes in Middle called as Ashok Chakra. There are Meanings of different Colors of the Indian Flag.

The Saffron color is the Symbol of the Sacrifices made by the Freedom Fighters to Free the India from the Hands of the British People or British Government. The White color is the Symbol of the Purity and the Peace which came to the People of India after India got Independence, and last the Green Color Indicates the Greenery (Bio Diversity) which is seen in the Country after the Independence.

The National Anthem of India is written by the Freedom Fighter Ravindranath Tagore. After the flag hosting at the Red Fort many the March Past of the army takes place which is followed by the acts of the different states of the India. On the occasion of the Independence Day there are many programs arranged. The programs of social work like Blood Donations Camp, speech on the efforts which were made by the People to get India free and also on the freedom fighters who fought for the Independence of India. The various programs are also arranged at many schools all over the country.

The Flag hosting is also done in schools and Colleges. The Principals of the school address the Students and make them believe that they are the Future of the country and how they can help or give some part of their life for the welfare of the country. People on this day send each other’s Happy Independence Day Images, Images on Independence Day 2014 to show their feelings towards the country.

The people feel proud to be an Indian by sending Independence Day Images India and Independence Day images. You will get here the Latest and full HD images of the Happy Independence Day Images, Images on Independence Day 2014 which they like to send to each others to celebrate the Independence Day. They also like to Send Independence Day Images India and Independence Day images so I have provide all of them. You may also love to search the History Independence Day in India.  

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